To Tell You the Truth
Selected Poems and Journal
Glimpses into the heart of Grace Veronica Peart
A wonderfully illustrated edition Available in bookstores in Jamaica PDF and AUDIO BOOK Now Available! Get the PDF and part 1 of the audio version of the book online Beautifully Inspirational and Soothing Available in bookstores in Jamaica

About The Book

“To Tell You The Truth does just that. It begins in my teens, and it tells the truth about over thirty years of my intimate relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. Walk down the years with me through the pages of my journal. These selected poems and journal entries are frank, open and honest, warts and all. For me, writing has been as important as breathing: a form of release in times of stress and a way of rejoicing in times of success; of mulling over thorny issues; of enjoying nature. It has also been a way of marking major developmental milestones in my life, of question after Truth, of cementing my relationship with the Lord, and of recording precious truths taught by the Holy Spirit. You will not only see how one Christian woman relates to her God, but how she views and relates to the world around her.”

The first section of the book has been made into an audiobook, with accompanying music and sound effects. The book is fully illustrated with eighty percent of original photographs, most of which were taken by the author. These illustrations are available in PDF format with the text of each entry. The audio pieces are listed in the order in which they appear in the book and on the CD.

Sample of Audio Files Available


How You Can Purchase The Book

If you are in Jamaica, the book and audiobook will be available at the following bookstores:

Bethel Baptist Pharmacy (Half Way Tree)
The Bible Society of the West Indies
Bookophilia (book only)
Bryan’s Bookstores islandwide
Kingston Bookshop
Lee’s Family Pharmacy (Red Hills Rd. – book only)
Source of Light Mission
United Theological College of the West Indies (UTCWI) Bookstore

The Audio version of the book can be bought directly by clicking the purchase link.

You may download the entire book or just the parts that you like

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