An Act Of Surrender

Trust ….  It’s a beautiful feeling.  So childlike and unworried and … I’m searching fruitlessly for words.  Trust can’t be adequately described.  It has to be felt: to be understood.  It has to be felt to be understood.  When I trust I feel secure.  I feel companionship.  I feel an unbroken bond of loyalty: as if I’m safe from danger or deception or betrayal from the person trusted.  I feel loved.  If not, certainly liked and/or respected or protected.

But trust is something more… something unpinpointable.  It sometimes results in a union of spirits; its a willing giving of one’s Vulnerability with the confident knowledge that it will not be abused or used to slice the giver’s soul.  It’s like my cat rubbing devotedly against my legs, then lying down on his side and sliding in enjoyment on to his back to expose his downy neck and belly: an act of surrender ….

Trust is an act of surrender: the surrender of one’s personal defences, one’s instincts for self preservation: secure in the knowledge that one will come to no personal violation by so doing.

© Grace V. Peart

December 7, 1988