How To Use The Book

This book may be used in several ways. You may choose to travel along with me on my journey from spiritual infancy to greater maturity as a Christian. There is a certain unique perspective to be gained if the book is read in the sequence in which it was written. I highly recommend that you do this before trying any or all of the additional suggestions on this page. Not all the entries that were written are included in this volume. Nevertheless, dates are provided, and most entries are in chronological order. There are, however, times when prose entries from later years are interspersed with early poems simply because their contents add insights that enrich and support this material.

You may decide to read entries at random, based on your interest or spiritual need at the moment. Each one is a complete development of thought on its own. It may be used for personal devotions, or by prayer partners for discussion and for prayer about personal weaknesses and areas that need spiritual development.

The book may also be used for individual or group Bible study, as there are many issues, spiritual truths and principles for daily living that can be explored in greater detail.

Last, but by no means least, this material may be used simply for comfort and as a means of gaining personal strength and solace on the Christian Journey. You may find that some of the insights which I have gained might help you to cope with situations you may be encountering, or to better understand sections of your own life’s journey that you have already traversed. No effort has been made to separate poetry from prose, as both literary forms were used of God to support each other in the process of the writer’s spiritual growth.

A word of advice. This book is best savoured a little bit at a time, somewhat like the Bible. There are many insights and experiences that will take some time to absorb. I commend it to you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. May it be used to help guide you into all Truth.